About this page

This is where you will find a more complete list of what's coming next from Sinful Emily Erotica. I'll list my tentative project line-up, and where I am progress-wise in any given story or book. I do tend to hop around a bit so what's at the top of the list might not necessarily be finished first.

You will often see a project titled UNNAMED this indicates a story that I have not come up with an appropriate name for. When I've decided on a name I'll change the title accordingly. In some instances, the working title will NOT be the same as the published title.


This is a list of what's next on my TO DO list. Items will be added and removed as I come up with more ideas and things get finished.

PROGRESS: Brainstorming

Currently Working on

This is where I'll show you all what I am currently working on, and how far along I am in the writing process. With novellas and books there are 6 to 10 additional Draft/Editing phases depending on length.

My writing process goes as followed:

  • Brainstorming
  • Outline
  • First Draft
  • Editing
  • Second Draft
  • More Editing
  • Final Draft
  • Final Editing
  • Publish

  • Current Project: Mr. E Revealed

    Stage of completion: Brainstorming

    Expected completion time: Unknown